An International Year For MASmuscle

An International Year for MASmuscle

The best sports nutrition company is the most recognized globally

During 2013, the MASmusculo Great Team has attended with great force and prominence the main international events with stands, their own athletes, reporters and thousands of friends received at FIBO, Arnold Europe and Olympia Weekend , but also We were present in all IFBB PRO competitions , the World Cups of the different Associations and the European Championships .


We live another year within FIBO and this time going back to the roots in Cologne Germany, where we have one of the largest stands of this important international fair; After six years of success and as a leading store on the European continent, our German representation at distributed thousands of gifts, carried out activities and was able to establish direct contact with Friends from all over the world.

FIBO photos 2013,


The fourth edition of this extraordinary competition was held in Spain with the presence of the best IFBB PRO exponents; every year Team MASmusculo as the undisputed leader in the European continent received the international media and friends of the industry in an event full of emotions that was guaranteed thanks to the effort of the Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

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MEP4 2013 - Photos, MOREmuscle


All eyes were focused this weekend from May 1 to 6 in Santa Susana, Barcelona and MASmuscle as a European leader was present; The 2013 European Junior Championships and IFBB Masters were a complete success and especially for our champions Marta del Amo and the Magnificent John Davi who positioned Spain as the European Champion.

IFBB Junior and Master European Championships 2013


In a unique environment due to the majesty of the largest bodybuilding and fitness event on the planet, Team MASmusculo with its managers, reporters and friends, we shared one of the best weekends we can remember; We were also very close with the best Spanish PRO bodybuilder, our friend and colleague Raúl Carrasco , who participated in the 212 Lbs and who was the center of attention for thousands of fans, especially Hispanics, signing autographs, taking photos and even giving advice on sport and health.

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The Organizers of the 2013 Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend spared no effort to provide us with an event of great luxury and glamor in Las Vegas; We were touring the facilities of the fairground in a weekend that began with the presentation of the giants, with whom we have talked in several reports presented by the best team of professionals.


We all enjoyed On Line the Arnold Classic Europe during October watching Mr Olympia Phil Heath crowning in Madrid, but thousands of people visited us sharing new experiences with the entire Team MASmuscle as the best sponsoring company for this event that was made up of several PRO Competitors led by Raúl Carrasco , the beautiful model Sandra Guerrero and many colleagues like Roberto Camacho , IFBB & Fitness Model competitor.

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Muscle Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Arnold Classic Ohio is more competitive than Mr Olympia

The Gold Gym present at MASmusculo

Planning the New Year