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Bodybuilding is a sports or therapeutic practice consisting of increasing muscle strength and volume, through specific exercises for each muscle or muscle group. Today, it is considered as one more method to train strength, and it is characterized by being divided mainly into two lines of work: sports bodybuilding and aesthetic bodybuilding. These objectives, among others, are those pursued by bodybuilding at all levels; from the professional to the practitioner for recreation or personal satisfaction.


This Bodybuilding Monitor course will train you to supervise a weight room, tutor a correct, safe training with established goals. Thanks to the tools that the participants will acquire in this course, the future monitors will be able to direct the training with individual or group loads, writing training tables and following the evolution of the people who train under their supervision.

method Methodology

In ENformate we have opted for a participatory, active and dynamic methodology that offers our students the possibility of adequately internalizing the theoretical content of our courses, with a theory / practice ratio of 30% / 70% in favor of practice, and that will give them It allows you to acquire the essential practical knowledge to be able to carry out with solvency the functions required by the desired position.
The students will receive at the beginning of each course, the syllabus with the contents that will be taught during it, contents that are continually reviewed and updated by our pedagogical team. The manuals, along with the rest of the resources and didactic means used, will serve as a guide and will be the main tool for our students during the development of the entire training process.
The teacher in charge of teaching the course, will have the role of counselor and tutor of the group, and must ensure that the concepts presented are properly understood and internalized, correcting possible errors and solving any doubts that may arise when necessary. In addition, it will encourage active participation by proposing topics for debate, presenting possible case studies, or carrying out exercises in groups, etc.
In short, it is a methodology where the student builds his own knowledge through practice, guided at all times by the teacher. The interaction between classmates and teacher is promoted in a positive way, and a good work environment is created where dialogue and the exposition of ideas are promoted, being a creative and flexible model that enables individual and collective reflection on daily reality. All this fosters the development of critical thinking, tolerant listening and respectful debate, in addition to creating a professional commitment to the activity carried out and its process.

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faculty Faculty

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports 
  • Bodybuilding Specialist 
  • Personal trainer

endorsements Titration and Accreditations

Officially accredited course by the European Association of Fitness, Aerobics and Sport (AEFASĀ® European Association of Fitness, Aerobics and Sport), endorsed by the European Registry of Professionals of Fitness, Physical Exercise and Sport .


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