Fit Fashion – Gastronomy & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez

Fit Fashion – Gastronomy & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez

Gastronomy Fitness Love Passion

And you Fruits or Vegetables? … ask what they do in the Lidl ad , which I just saw in the Paramaunt Channel ads , to which I respond, both.

And then I see several advertisements about children with bloated and aching stomachs, not eating, such as in Help Save The Children ,  Unicef ​​”unicefayuda ” or Doctors without Borders .

Then, “the best recipe, a balanced diet and physical exercise” in Healthy Habits of Life .

We constantly worry about what we eat, not to get fat and yet many children and adults starving around the world.

Well … I go on and describe you referring to the last years referring to “Moda Fit” or short for “Moda Fitness”, they all want to link it with Fitness, because Fitness sells.

You who think everything is “Fit”?

The Fitness as says Wikipedia , “he makes regular reference to a physical activity repeated movements that are planned and regularly followed in order to improve or maintain the body in good condition.
It emphasizes that physical health is the result of regular physical activity, proper diet and nutrition, as well as proper rest for physical recovery,

with which the FitnessIt applies to all sports and regular physical activity, such as walking and / or running, in addition to all food (food and drinks, which is equal to Gastronomy ).

Gastronomy Fitness Loves you!

This Blog, Gastronomy & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez (who writes you these words), was born a little over two and a half years ago with the intention of making Bodybuilding and Fitness professionals in Spain lighter, when taking care of themselves before , during and after their Competitions, because a server enjoys eating and wanted them to also enjoy themselves within their means.

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Since then many brands of Sports Supplementation and many of the professionals to whom Gastronomia & Fitnes s has had the pleasure of interviewing them , have shared the extent possible with his followers meals or recipes fitness.

Quail Eggs with French Fries

In this photograph you can see a Dessert “Quail Eggs with French Fries” , which I made last year and which was published several months ago on the Iberica Restaurants website (London) by Nacho Manzano (Spanish Chef).

In this link , you can see the recipe in English version.

As you can see the Quail yolks (persimón), the whites (yogurt) and the French Fries (apple).
Next I indicate the Fitness Recipe;

2 Persimón
2 Apples
250 grs. Yogurt or Queso Fresco 0%
30 grs. Sugar or 3 grs. Sweetener
1 Vanilla Pod

And now I indicate the Fitness Preparation; open the vanilla bean with a knife and extract the pulp. Pour the yogurt into a bowl, add the vanilla pulp that we have previously extracted, the sugar or sweetener and stir.
Peel the persimmon and scoop balls out of the ball. Then peel the apples and cut into the Spanish potato shape.

When serving … place the yogurt on one part of the plate, carefully place the persimmon balls on top, as you see in the attached photograph and next to the yogurt place the apple.
Bon Appetit!