Injuries and Treatments, Where Do We Start

Injuries and Treatments, where do we start?


Where to start? Friends, there is so much that can be talked about on this topic that I personally don’t know where to start.


I think the best way is to introduce myself. I am David Gonz├ílez, Professional Diploma in therapy using manual techniques (Osteopathic Chiromassist). I owe all my training to the Orthos School, for those who know our sports world well, they will know what I am talking about, and to a very professional school called Kabat.

With this information I do not intend to advertise anything hahaha. These schools do not need to be promoted, I simply inform of my education level.

Having already introduced myself, I would like to tell you what my publications in “Diary of a Bodybuilder” will consist of. We wanted to call this section “THE CORNER OF THE OSTEOPATH” and, as the title of this my first post indicates, we will talk about injuries (injuries that I have treated, injuries that I have suffered, injuries that YOU have and wait for a response to solve them , etc.), and its treatments (which is an injury if we do not treat it, because it is a nuisance friends hahahaha, so our Emperor Alex suggested me to participate in his Blog to help you with all those injuries you have).

In addition to talking about injuries and how to treat such injuries, I would also like to dedicate time to other types of treatments that I perform without having to be linked to a muscle injury due to poorly executed physical effort, I mean for example migraines, constipation problems , stress … They are more common problems than we can come to think of and many people suffer in silence thinking that they have no solution or that their only solution is to visit the doctor and later deal with drugs. As a personal contribution I will say that if I can avoid taking an “Aspirin” I will avoid it. With this I do not mean that I did not trust the work of a doctor, quite the contrary, in many occasions my work is linked to yours and I will not be able to start without a previous visit to my patient’s GP.

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I think that with everything I just wrote you I already left you a good presentation of myself and what I do and who I am, you would only need a photo of me to identify myself but I will continue to keep my face anonymous hahahaha (but for whom I am curious, I will tell you that I have been training together with Alex for three consecutive years. If our Emperor trains, it is very likely that I am next to him).

I can tell you little more, I think. Ask any doubts that may arise: why that area hurts, how you can alleviate certain discomforts, how you can stretch any muscle in a 100% effective way, how to reduce inflammation in one blow, how to eliminate large bruises … What be and I will be happy to help you or even if you want to even treat you, if you still do not know it, Alex and I offer a massage service in their gym ” GIMNASIO MILLENIUM “, for only 10 euros the session to treat everything I mentioned previously.

With all this I say goodbye until the next publication, in which I will tell you about the famous “sprains”. Do you know how many different types of sprains there are? Or if you prefer, give me a topic to talk about and I will tell you everything I know about it.