Post-workout shake

After a hard training session, our body is a sponge that absorbs all the nutrients we put in, but what does our body need? . We must take advantage of the anabolic window , which is the moment in which the body is more receptive to the nutrients that we introduce. As we already mentioned, it is preferable to ingest food in liquid form , since the digestion of solid food would take us a long time until the nutrients reach the muscles and we would lose this great opportunity, in which its most powerful effects occur after 45 minutes after training, after this time its action is minimized.
Next I will tell you that you must enter your cocktail shaker to maximize your results.

The first thing logically is the protein shake , I particularly prefer those of egg or meat , since as we spoke on another occasion our organism does not genetically tolerate dairy products, we have not yet evolved enough for it and although we do not feel any bad taking them, at the level of our intestine is harmful to the villi.
Glutamine is another ingredient that can not be missed, since it eliminates the ammonia produced after exercise and the immunocytes demand amounts of glutamine after this and if we do not give it they will take it from our muscles.
Leucine , it will sound to you like being one of the branched chain amino acids, known as BCAA┬┤s, along with isoleucine and valine. It is the most anabolic of the three, hence it is the most abundant in supplement formulas, for its ability to stimulate the hormone insulin (very anabolic hormone if used correctly) and for stimulating the mTOR , which are within the cell and stimulate protein synthesis .
Creatine , very important for the regeneration and synthesis of ATP, the gasoline of the muscles in brief and intense efforts. Important to take it in cycles of 1 and 1/2 month and rest the same time. Both before and after training.
Omega 3 , for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Dextrose, an important simple sugar after training to activate insulin and quickly act as a key to “open the cell” and nutrients to function.
Lemon juice , due to its high content of vitamin C and E , which, being antioxidants, eliminates free radicals and its potassium content , beneficial for the synthesis of proteins and calcium, we all know its properties and another, better known, is that it has a vital role in muscle contraction. In addition to having other minerals.
There is a good colleague of mine who uses aquarius, after training he drinks 1/2 liter and after showering he drinks the shake. Aquarius apart from sugars also has minerals, but I prefer dextrose and lemon because personally it is much cheaper.
In the market we can find the so-called recovery , these are already prepared with the aforementioned nutrients and also contain taurine, phenylalanine (some), alpha lipoic acid, etc … But in particular I am not convinced by the relationship of the amounts. But they are very valid.
The amounts of each ingredient are:

  1. Protein: 1 saucepan
  2. Dextrose: 1gr / kg of body weight
  3. Leucine: 6gr
  4. Omega 3: 10 gr (one tablespoon)
  5. Lemon: the juice of 1 lemon
  6. Creatine: If you get 5gr (a tablespoon of tea, before and after)
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     7.Glutamine: 5 gr