Recommendations to Start Going to The Gym

Today I bring you information for all those who want to start going to the gym, I hope it works.

Let’s start:


If you are new to the gym, you may have many doubts or you do not know where to start, or what would be the previous measures that you should take. For this reason, let’s see below some advice given by Norberto Debagg, a sports scientist and cardiologist from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the news site:

-It is always necessary to start slowly, not to go crazy. You never have to do all the exercises together. Furthermore, “it is important to differentiate whether the person who is going to start is a boy, a teenager or over 35 years of age, since after that age the possibility of coronary heart disease must be taken into account.”

-Also, this specialist recommends, first of all, to perform a blood test, a general physical examination and an electrocardiogram, to which an ergometry must be added, if it is a person over 35 years of age.

-Hydration is a point to keep in mind: “Before, during and after physical activity, fluid intake is vital,” Debagg explained. And added that “if the activity lasts less than 90 minutes, the water is enough to replace fluids lost by the body, while if it lasts longer, drinks with mineral salts, sodium and glucose should be ingested.”

-Essential, the warm-up, between 15 to 20 minutes, so the muscles can be oxygenated before starting the most intense activity. Also, subsequent stretching and cooling: 10 to 15 minutes of gentle activity to get rid of lactic acid. In this regard, the specialist clarified that when a person just begins to exercise, no matter how much they perform the subsequent elongation, their muscles will hurt the same the first times.

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And here are other important tips:

-Try to choose the appropriate footwear for each activity, sports shoes must have a suitable arch.


Image used as an example

-Choose for light-colored clothing and lightweight fabrics.


Image used as an example

-If you are going to be outdoors, in case you not only go to the gym, but also go hiking or jogging, always wear caps.


Image used as an example

-Do not use girdles or warm clothing to exercise: “if these nylon or latex garments are used with the idea of ​​losing weight, it will be in vain, since what they generate is only excessive perspiration, so the person dismisses is only water ”, so there is also a higher risk of dehydration.

Thanks for your time and for reading!