Willy Hue – Gastronomy & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez

Willy Hue – Gastronomy & Fitness by Alfonso Rodriguez


Willy Hue & Verónica Abril

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What is his name and by what nickname, if any, is he known?

Willy Hue (Palma de Mallorca

When and where were you born and where do you currently reside?

1984 in France and I currently reside in Palma de Mallorca


How did you start in the world of Bodybuilding-Fitness?

It all started in 2005 for health and well-being, until today becoming my lifestyle that would not change for anything in the world.


Willy Hue

Who was the first influential person in your beginnings?

No one in particular.

When and where was your first competition held?

In 2009, Alcudia Trophy where I classified in 3rd Place.

What would you advise someone who is beginning in this great sport?

I would advise you to get very good advice from qualified people and be very patient as the results are obtained with dedication and time.

What’s the difference between your competition diet compared to an off-season diet?

First of all the caloric total and secondly I no longer allow myself the luxury of eating according to what things, that out of season I would not care.

What nutrition and supplementation did you use at the beginning (before, during and after your training) and which ones do you currently use?

At the level of food I have not changed much, the only thing I am eating, what my body needs, so when I grow up, I am eating more globally … when I started I ate 5 times a day, now I eat up to 8 depending on the days!

Regarding supplementation, it is clear that in my beginning it was little, Whey proteins, BCAA’s and little else … what my pocket allowed me … today luckily I have two big brands that support me month by month with a sponsorship.

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What training system works best for you and what are your next goals or objectives?

I defend high intensity a lot … I always train intelligently and I never try to overtrain since it is the worst thing that can happen to any athlete … in terms of short-term goals, 2012 and part of 2013, I want to try, have more lean mass for perhaps at the end of 3.013, go out to compete in another higher category.

What has been your idol / s in this sport?

Pufff many, lol … Arnold always the first, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and a long etc.

What are your favorite salty and sweet dishes?

Hahaha, that is not wondering… Sweet; Cheese and Salty Tart; Pizza (without a doubt).



This is a Cheesecake (lemon scented), I’m sure Willy would really like it.



 How would you like it if you could eat what you love so much but in a healthy version?

It would be great but almost unthinkable.

Do you think that a diet implies not eating appetizing things?

Not at all, being a little creative, you create some great dishes … I never get bored of eating healthy, everything is very psychological.

On a competitive diet, what cravings do you usually have?

A little of everything.

When you go on a trip, how do you make your different meals?

Just like at home.

Do you know any place (restaurant, hotel, healthy fast food …), in Spain or abroad, where you can eat well, without skipping the diet?

Do not.


Willy Hue

If you don’t know him, would you like to know about places both in your city and in others, where could you do it?

It always helps to know something else.

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Could you tell me Gyms or Sports Centers, where currently you can eat healthy?

I don’t usually eat where I train.

What do you think of Gastronomy & Fitness ?

Very interesting.